Whatever it takes; whenever it’s needed

James Circus launched Estuary Logistics in 2010 because he saw the potential of offering importers and exporters very high levels of service and expertise.

“High levels of customer service in the freight business aren’t common – and I didn’t see why anyone should put up with anything less than a highly personalised service,”
James Circus

His team have been carefully selected for their expertise – and attitude.  They are all right behind James with customer awareness and a willingness to ‘get stuck in’.  With a system that operates 24/7 Estuary never has customers who have to talk to a machine that says “Our office hours are 8am to 5pm, please leave a message.”

“Logistics isn’t problem free – it’s a complex planet we live on and it’s part of our job to solve those problems.  For instance, we can’t control typhoons and earthquakes, but we’ll go to work to sort out the freight challenges they throw up.”
James Circus

James’ team talks jargon-free language and everyone has the same ‘whatever it takes; whenever it’s needed’ ethos embedded from the day they join the organisation.

Flexibility, problem solving, a willingness to roll up their sleeves and go to work – and a sense of enjoying the job – are all part of the Estuary Logistics job description.  If you want to deal with real people who respond positively to every challenge – you’ll find the Estuary team a refreshing change.